Our embedded solution is way to communicate with real world objects around us at home, office or manufacture.
Kraken-E can recognise lots of objects like humans, animals, weapon, machines.
Our solution is way you identify persons in your office, cars on park station, criminals in supermarket end etc.
It can prevent violence, not allowed acces to secured erea twenty-four seven.

We are using modern and extremely powerful technologies like TensorFlow, Caffe, RCNN, SSD, GANs, ResNet, SSD mobilenet, etc.
Powerful and reliably ARM Cortex-A72 chips with Mali G-72 GPU accelerators is our key technology.

Kraken-E based on powerful ARM embedded technology.

If you interesting in, request a demo! Or describe your idea and send us at demo[at]octadero.com we prepare demo for your special task.