Kraken is deep learning software solution committed to resolve real-time decision problems. Designed for ease-of-use and fast scalable system.

Kraken as height level API for TensorFlow.In architecture sense, Kraken is high – level API and “brain” system for the most powerful deep – learning framework TensorFlow.
TensorFlow is the fastest growing solution for neural networks. Written on C++ language it shows huge performance on CPU and GPU hardware. Kraken could help us to build deep learning architecture at real time and test them in different ways and on different servers.

Using TensorFlow library as core of our Neural Network you can get lot’s of benefits as:

  • Many dimansion Pooling layer;
  • Many dimansion Normalization layer;
  • Many dimansion Convolution layer;
  • Densely-connected layer;
  • Many dimansion Pooling layer;
  • RNN and LSTM solutions;
  • Optimizer;

From today our tool is incredible powerful and strong.

  • Kraken use Convolutions, LSTMs, RNNs , and autoencoders layers to predict probability of classes or right actions in special domain.
  • Kraken based on Linux operating system and written on modern Swift language that leads to high performance and fast speed growing up.
  • Using GPU as convolution processor and SSE instructions for other matrix computation provides optimized hardware loading.
  • Our solution could export statistic and logs to any format like: HDF5, csv, txt, xml, json and protobuf. The one of biggest pride is supporting Tensorboard format as monitoring and analyzing tool.