Today TensorFlowKit package is available for open-source community.

TensorFlowKit is an Octadero Swift Package which allows developers to simply and easily integrate TensorFlow machine learning models into apps running on macOS and Ubuntu OS.

API based on TensorFlow library.

  • System modules:
    • CTensorFlow is C API system module;
    • CCTensorFlow is C++ API system module;
    • CProtobuf is protobuf library system module;
  • Low-level:
    • CAPI – Swift writen low-level API to C library;
    • CCAPI – Swift writen low-level API to C+ library;
    • Proto – Swift auto – generated classes for TensorFlow structures and models;
  • Helper tool:
    • OpPruducer – Swift writen command line tool to produce new TensorFlow Operations
  • High-level:

Swift TensorFlowKit architecture schema.